Have you ever wondered what goes in to wrapping a car? Well I have and I was fortunate enough to get introduced to Connor and Tyler from Coastal Car Wraps and witness their work on a 2017 Shelby Mustang. To see the transformation of the car over the few days on a weekend and what it takes to complete the job was fascinating. I had no idea what to expect when I visited them to see what exactly goes in to wrapping a car.

Tyler Vandenberghe and Connor Barr are Camosun College business student who met at school and had a mutual interest in cars and decided to start a business wrapping cars. In just over two years they have made amazing progress including winning Wrap Like a King in 2016, beating out more experienced competition. Very impressive for a couple of young guys from Victoria just starting out.

Another key to their getting together was the fact that Tylers dad was the creator and owner of the knifless tech system that was eventually sold to 3M. This opened a few doors for them and allowed them to be trained with Phil Aquin of Adhere Graphics, Masters of Branding, and is a authorized 3M trainer. Connor and Tyler are already planning on getting further training and certifications.


Before they even start to wrap a car they have a mechanic come in a remove the front and rear bumpers, all the trim pieces, and door handles. The object is to make sure none of the old colour shows once it is reassembled.

One of the more interesting aspects of wrapping is the use of a specialized tape that contains a very thin metal thread, the Knifeless tech system, It is laid down in the seams and the wrap is then applied on the panels. The metal thread in the tape is then pulled to make the cut in the vinyl wrap. This eliminates the need for using a knife and getting any marks on the original paint.

Watching them work with the vinyl and how meticulous they were in getting everything just right you know they are very passionate about the quality of the work they do, and it showed in the finished product.

Having witnessed what does in to wrapping a car and seeing the results first hand I just may consider it as an option in the future.


Connor and Tyler let their work do their advertising for them and through word of month and they continue to attract more customers. These guys certainly look to have a bright future ahead of them. You can see more of their work at


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